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J.M. Field Marketing Introduces Benefits of New Video Services

South Florida marketing firm J.M. Field Marketing is now using Video Services to encapsulate the trends of technology and online marketing and increase brand awareness for clients.

March 26, 2014 – J.M. Field Marketing announces the increase in video services to be used by clientele. A strong demand and the emerging technologies have allowed the Video Services Department to continuously grow. The marketing industry as a whole has experienced a similar insurgence with video. The use of video provides an alternative for companies looking to minimize costs of explanations, tutorials, product demonstrations and webcasts.

The benefits of video services are large, for videos can be made to demonstrate almost anything. The majority of the consumer audience is more likely to purchase, make decisions or be persuaded by video than regular text. Research shows that after watching an online video, 73% of viewers are more likely to purchase from the brand or product being advertised.

“I recommend video to our clients as a great opportunity to display new product updates, events, a website launch, and SEO initiatives,” states Joni Kullgren, Senior Design Manager. “We have seen the benefits of video services help reduce labor and costs for various industries. Our clients have rented out our studio space, which is very helpful in regard to cost, time and resources in the creation of video.”

The increased usage of YouTube and other video social networks have increased user demand for video. With the growing use of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, the same video message is able to be viewed across multiple sources seamlessly. The ease of watching videos has shifted the way decisions are made in terms of purchasing and the influence businesses have on consumers. With video services, businesses have an increased opportunity to expose their brand in multiple interactive online locations. Not only does video help assist consumers in making their decisions toward a brand or learning information about a topic, but video also assists in the communication between businesses to business. Technical employee training has become one of the largest reasons to create video. Businesses use videos for product demonstrations and infomercials to educate vendors on their product. As well, webcasts are also utilized by businesses to help communicate a message quickly and efficiently to personnel and industry members.

Across the board, no matter the industry, intent of the video or the video’s purpose, research shows that viewers are much more responsive when the video has a clear, concise message. We find it important to storyboard each video before planning anything else to account for this. In product demonstrations for businesses, it is important to display a 360-degree view of the product in the best light, demonstrating what the product can do. With the studio space and custom sets built here, clientele in the restoration and beauty industries, have been able demonstrate use of their products.

In keeping with online marketing strategies, we have utilized video for SEO purposes. The benefits of adding video to a company website with the proper search terms are that it boosts traffic to the video and to the website. Video is not only increasing awareness of the company, but is also assisting in the company website’s placement in search engines. Simply setting up a video sitemap and optimizing the pages the video is housed on will add search value to the company’s online visibility.

“We plan to increase our clients and open up more opportunities in the coming months,” states Alexis Kovic, Creative Director at J.M. Field Marketing.

With all the benefits of Video Services, we want to take the opportunity to increase their implementation of video services within existing marketing strategies for clients. The team looks forward in building out new marketing strategies involving video in order to increase the web presence of their clients.

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