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J.M. Field Marketing Increases Network Storage Capacity

April 2, 2012 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Recently, J.M. Field Marketing upgraded their network storage capacity, growing from 16 terabytes to 175 terabytes. The expansion now allows all websites hosted by the South Florida based marketing firm, including their own, to run significantly faster and include more content. The updated FTP storage will also allow for more reliable automated backups of new and existing content on a regular basis. The 175 terabytes of network storage will offer improved storage utilization and the ability for data to be shared by multiple servers and with each of the firm’s clients.

J.M. Field Marketing’s increased network storage capacity is made up of an array of independent drives which not only offer enhanced security but also a high level of data accessibility and fault tolerance. The new system will allow the J.M. Field Marketing network to operate seamlessly in the event that any faults or errors occur in any one of the components. This simplified data recovery system will let administrators efficiently retrieve and restore data.

Jack Field, president of J.M. Field Marketing, stated “We’re happy to have had the opportunity to expand our network storage capacity in an effort to deliver greater results to our clients and we look forward to continuing to increase our FTP storage capabilities in the near future.”

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Our clients include the banking industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, security industry and hair care products.

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