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J.M. Field Marketing Fulfillment Services Ships Its One-Millionth Package

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Capping off one of its busiest years in history, J.M. Field Marketing’s fulfillment services adds third warehouse

In 2010, J.M. Field Marketing’s fulfillment services shipped its one-millionth order during one of its busiest shipping years. In fact, during 2009 and 2010 over 310,000 packages and pallets of products were shipped out thanks to their dedicated fulfillment services team. With the increased demand for fulfillment services and storage space, J.M. Field Marketing added a third fulfillment warehouse in 2010, expanding its fulfillment warehouse space to over 90,000 square feet. Today, J.M. Field Marketing supplies a wide variety of products including brochures, catalogs, promotional products, corporate apparel, hair accessories and other products to a diverse and ever expanding list of businesses and individuals worldwide.

Each month J.M. Field Marketing’s experienced fulfillment services team picks, packs and ships almost 20,000 products. But before any order is shipped, it is checked for quality to ensure the right order goes to the right person. J.M. Field Marketing believes that “doing it right the first time, makes the first time you do it the only time anyone has to.”

Fulfillment Services and Ecommerce

As brick and mortar retailers continue to embrace online stores and fulfillment centers in the need to cut cost and increase profit, companies such as J.M. Field Marketing help them by providing storage space, excellent customer service and quick delivery times. J.M. Field Marketing receives its product orders via its customer’s web store, email and call center agents. J.M. Field Marketing is dedicated to providing exceptional value to its clients while ensuring that there’s no sacrificing quality or customer service.

“Processing one million orders demonstrate that our company is providing more than just the right service at the right price,” Jack Field, the president of J.M. Field Marketing said. “While we are ecstatic about our growth and could not be happier with the direction our company is heading, adding a third warehouse and hitting the one millionth order mark is a direct result of the continued hard work of our staff in providing the latest information, expert customer service and efficient order fulfillment.”

Since opening for business in 1989, J.M. Field Marketing has made dramatic progress by growing to more than 50 employees, serving over 1,200 customers, fulfilling more than one million orders and winning numerous industry awards.

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