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J.M. Field Marketing Develops Employee Expense Program for National Frozen Juice Company

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, March 30, 2010—J.M. Field Marketing, a full-service integrated marketing firm, has partnered with Chase to create an employee expense program for a popular national frozen juice company. The innovative program allows the frozen juice company to provide their employees with an easy and convenient way to purchase the necessary supplies needed to keep their stores operating smoothly. With the Chase debit card, employees can purchase the items the store needs when supplies run out or run low.

The employee expense program, designed by J.M. Field Marketing, allows the company to control the items that the employee can purchase, which means only pre-approved items such as napkins, straws and cleaning supplies. Plus, the debit card allows the employee to pay only for the items needed whether it’s five napkins or five napkins and seven boxes of straws and no more. In addition, it eliminates the hassle and problems associated with giving employees money from the cash register to pay for store supplies. All the frozen juice stores nation-wide will utilize the new employee expense program. This will allow the company to continue to incorporate their fun, fresh and tech-savvy attitude in all their company policies and programs.

With this program in place, the national frozen juice company will be able to better track and monitor their employee purchases for the store accurately. Jack Field, the President of J.M. Field Marketing remarked, “Our goal is to provide our customers with the resources and marketing solutions they need to operate their business effectively. When we can accomplish this, we know we’re putting our creativity to work for our clients.”

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