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J.M. Field Marketing Designs Online Games for NCL and Other Companies

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, April 7, 2010—J.M. Field Marketing, a full-service integrated marketing firm, has designed a series of online games for one of its cruise line clients, NCL who is using the interactive games to promote its latest marketing campaign. The online games were devised as a part of the company’s branding strategy to drive traffic to its website, test viewers’ knowledge of the company’s services and improve interaction between the brand and players.

J.M. Field Marketing’s experienced designers created a series of four online games – Scratch-Off-Game, Trivia Game, Memory Game and a Puzzle Game – to promote NCL’s “The Year of the Freestyle Vacation” marketing campaign. The campaign schedule called for a new game to launch every two weeks, which tested each player’s knowledge of NCL and its featured destinations. At the end of each week a single lucky player was randomly selected to win one of several great prizes and J.M. Field Marketing’s fulfilled the prize.

J.M. Field Marketing also designed several other custom online games including a set for a leading travel agency. The games were designed to highlight an annual conference and get viewers excited about attending the event at a beautiful Florida resort. The games challenged viewers to test their knowledge of the conference as well as the resort for an opportunity to win a grand prize. This weekly contest included trivia games, jigsaw puzzles and a memory game.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, around 68 percent of U.S. households now play computer or video games and it’s not just the youngsters in the family that are doing so. While the average age of a gamer is 35, over 26 percent of them are age 50 or over. Fun and expertly designed online games, such as the ones created by J.M. Field Marketing, can generate a strong pass-a-long rate. Equally as important, they associate a company’s brand with fun, excitement, entertainment and in some cases, learning.

With these online games in place, NCL was able to effectively communicate the objective of its marketing campaign. Jack Field, the President of J.M. Field Marketing, remarked, “Online games are not only fun, they’re a powerful way to reach a wider audience and they’re highly cost effective. In addition, it’s an excellent way to increase website traffic and return visits all, while educating viewers about your brand.” NCL saw significant increase in the number of targeted visitors to its site as well as interaction and involvement with their brand.

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