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J.M. Field Marketing Constructs Two Video Studios

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, January 26, 2010—J.M. Field Marketing, a South Florida full-service integrated marketing firm, has recently begun the construction of their 2 new in-house video studios, to be known as J.M. Field Studios. Each studio includes an “Infinity Wall” hard corner cyclorama wall (cyc wall), that assist in shooting all kinds of videos.  The cyc wall was built by scoring dry wall on the backside, making it pliable for bending and then mounting it on plywood for easy installation.  The wall was smoothed out with drywall cement and sanded smooth before it was painted white. The floor, which previously had cement slab grout lines, was cleaned and filled with cement and evenly finished for a flawless set.  

After measuring, Studio A is 50 feet by 50 feet and studio B is 16 feet by 24 feet. Video production experts have remarked that the two production studios will be the largest between Palm Beach and Miami. The studio features an editing lab with the latest video editing software, a private entrance for guests and a drive-in stage, which is perfect for larger productions. One of the unique aspects of the J.M. Field Studios is the VIP lounge area overlooking the stages. Plus, Studio A is large enough to accommodate full size vehicles and large set designs. The studios are being constructed by Garnet Mellon, a veteran carpenter and builder, who came out of retirement to build the J.M. Field Studios. He has a lifetime of experience, boasting work with several celebrities.

The video production studio house, which will see final construction in the coming weeks, offers a wide range of possibilities for companies that want to reach out and attract their target audience. By adding videos with SEO value to a company’s website, businesses can increase their online popularity and search volume, whether through product demonstration videos, training videos and customer service advertisements to testimonials, video blogs and much more. Jack Field, the President of J.M. Field Marketing remarked, “I’m pleased to see the studios come together as construction progresses. Only a few weeks ago, this was an empty warehouse. I can only image the possibilities.”

After construction, the studio and editing lab will be equipped with all the necessities for a professional video studio. J.M. Field Marketing has already bought all their video equipment from a small video studio. The first week into construction, J.M. Field Marketing received several inquiries about their upcoming video services from rapper Young Ralph, Channing Crowder’s agent and many of the company’s existing clients.

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