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J.M. Field Marketing Adds Proactive Live Chat to its Marketing Solutions Repertoire

Ft Lauderdale, Florida, August 6, 2008 Today, J.M. Field Marketing, a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions, announced the addition of a manned and hosted live chat service for its client’s websites. The unique interactive service is the result of a new relationship between J.M. Field Marketing and ActivEngage: a leading provider of chat service. This innovative new service will assist clients in proactively building relationships with website visitors, as well as increase qualified web leads and customer service. The service will not require a significant investment in personnel or resources, but instead, it will leverage the experience of J.M. Field Marketing and its team.

We are a premier resource, offering warehouse fulfillment services, call center solutions, promotional products, graphic design and website design, printing services, tradeshow products and direct mail programs. By creating this new service with ActivEngage and adding it to its list of services, we are giving our clients a fresh and effective method to gain a competitive edge in the crowded Internet medium. ActivEngage’s current service is being coupled with an existing live phone assistance program offered under our call center services. The goal of the combined services is to increase website traffic and lead generation while providing an effective way to track SEO and other web marketing campaigns. This is done by turning anonymous website visitors into active prospects, engaging in conversation with professionally trained agents and cutting-edge software.

“We are really excited about pairing with ActivEngage to create this new service, and add it to the integrated marketing services we already offer our clients,” commented company president Jack Field. “This expands the comprehensive marketing options available and helps take our clients’ websites to the next level of technology and service. Clients who choose to incorporate this new service will be able to address their customers though every possible mode of communication. On behalf of our clients, we can initiate and engage with website visitors, guiding them from initial contact all the way through to the completion of a project. Moreover, clients will see a dramatic increase in their website leads, sales volume and total customer satisfaction.”

In addition to the benefits of directing clients on websites, ActivEngage yields sophisticated SEO information that can guide businesses to be more successful in online marketing efforts. Clients using the service will typically triple the number of leads they receive from their own websites. ActivEngage also provides real-time user statistics, key word analysis, powerful reporting and insight to help make websites more efficient and produce more sales. Clients see exactly how Internet shoppers are using the site and which web pages need to be improved to produce stronger results, enabling consistent website improvement.

About ActivEngage (

ActivEngage’s proprietary business logic was designed to meet the needs of savvy online shoppers. It laser targets each website visitor with the exact right message at the exact right time to get them to take action. The system has been strenuously tested for every type of business. It works because the company founders have over 30 years of retail, automotive and technology experience, giving ActivEngage a true 360° understanding of the needs of retail shoppers. Partnering with ActivEngage increases lead generation and offsets the increasing marketing costs associated with the sale of new and pre-owned automobiles. ActivEngage offers concierge-level service to website visitors that helps make each website visitor’s experience enjoyable and uncomplicated, thereby increasing the value of websites through better lead generation.

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