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J.M. Field Marketing Adds Copywriter and SEO Specialist to Creative Team

Let’s face it, the only kind of traffic everyone loves is website traffic. This online traffic is the driving force that brings our websites and the Internet, as a whole, to life. And on the web, there are no “red lights”; it’s just “green” all the way. The more internet users that put the “pedal to the metal” by clicking their way in and out of websites, the more leads, revenue, and all-around business websites will generate.

Companies usually seek SEO Services for their websites in order to get the web traffic that we love so much. Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is by far the best strategy to enhance and improve your website’s capabilities and functions, translating into higher page rankings and website traffic increases.

If your site needs SEO, some of the signs to notice are:

  • Your website doesn’t show up when you search on Google or any other search engine for your company using your services or products as keywords
  • Your website doesn’t get many visitors other than existing clients or internal users
  • Your competitors show up before you do in searches
  • Your website hasn’t been updated in over a year
  • Your website does not contain any backwards links
  • You have either a low website ranking or no website ranking on Google

We recognize the increasing demand and importance of SEO to increase website traffic. That’s why we have expanded our talented creative team to include an SEO Specialist and an additional Copywriter to better meet the growing World Wide Web standards and your specific online marketing needs. J.M. Field Marketing now offers you, not only the very best in Graphic Design, Web Design and Print Production, but also the very best in SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing and Web Content Copywriting.

Let us take your website to the next level. Contact us today for further information about SEO and other Web Development options!

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