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Ecommerce Fulfillment Leader J.M. Field Marketing Adds Refrigerated and Frozen Storage Product Fulfillment Services for Ecommerce Clients

J. M. Field Marketing, Fulfillment and Warehouse Company, adds refrigerated and frozen services for ecommerce clients.

May 01, 2014 – J. M. Field Marketing, an industry leader in warehousing and fulfillment services now provides multi-temperature controlled storage and refrigerated services in the United States and internationally. The company recently added 25,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated and frozen warehouse space with state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment. These new facilities are divided up into separate refrigeration and freezer storage units which allow us the ability to offer product segmentation and additional security to those clients who require it.

“This service is perfect for online merchants offering perishable and temperature sensitive products to consumers and we’re happy to offer it to our Ecommerce fulfillment clients,” stated Jack Field, President of J.M. Field Marketing. “Companies offering frozen food samples, gift packaging and food of the month programs can now be fulfilled more efficiently than ever,” he added.

The refrigerated warehouse and fulfillment services provided by us are also an efficient fit for the growing Ecommerce market of fresh pet food. All natural pet food and treats made of fresh meats and veggies with no preservatives needs to be in a temperature controlled climate.

We now offer Ecommerce fulfillment clients with perishable products temperature controlled warehousing and shipping along with its robust SaaS inventory management software All InView. The All InView ordering and tracking interface handles the day to day order activities and properly accounts for all unique situations such as product returns, product replacements, damaged products or free sampling products. The software provides all clients real time inventory management which allows companies to manage their inventory in multiple locations around the world and automatically sends out email alerts when inventory is low so they can re-order in a timely manner.

Refrigerated and frozen fulfillment clients will have complete receiving, storage, fulfillment and shipping services under one roof. We are known for our efficient online order systems, pick and pack processing systems and 99.9% on time delivery.

We currently serve over 100 fulfillment services clients, both B2C and B2B, and ship out over 10,000 unique orders monthly throughout the United States and abroad.

For more information on our refrigeration and frozen fulfillment services and All InView inventory management software, visit our website or call 954-523-1957.

About Us

We offer a seamless integration of marketing solutions, from design and printed collateral to marketing materials, product fulfillment, web-based inventory management, data collection, inventory systems and call center services. The company’s mission is to work as a direct extension of its clients’ brand – providing the services every business needs to help increase revenue in today’s competitive market. With over 205,000 square feet in storage capacity, our pick and pack services provide assistance and advantages to our clients in materials production, online order processing and web-based inventory management.

Our clients include the banking industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, security industry, hair care products and more.

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