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Providing Technology to a Technology Partner

About the Client – For over two decades, Amadeus has been a leader in transaction processing and technology for the global travel and tourism industry. Needing several different services, Amadeus was looking for one place that would meet and unify all of their fulfillment and marketing collateral needs.

JMF at Work – For over 5 years, J.M. Field Fulfillment has partnered with Amadeus providing services such as promotional products, graphic design, print production and inventory management systems to track items fulfilled through our corporate headquarters. In our most recent project, J.M. Field Fulfillment set up an outbound call center and lead generation campaigns to assist in the growth of Amadeus.

The Services – Print Design, Brochure Printing, Call Center, Pick and Pack, Warehouse, Web Based Inventory, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Promotional Marketing

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