The History of J.M. Field Marketing

History is hindsight from the viewpoint of the writer. I am Jack Field, the Owner and President of J.M. Field Marketing.

I attempted to write the history of my company for a previous version of our website, and I hated it from the first word I put on the page. I felt it impossible to write about what I perceived as a historical sales pitch of our greatness. I know we all have to do that from time to time, but in general, it is not my style.

With the launching of our improved website, I was forced to review this section again. And, what I consider to be of valuable historical importance is this:

Our company was built by a great team of people who came together, embraced their differences and rejoiced in their similarities.

Our team is made up of smart people, who have a vision of what they can do, of the things they can learn and who are not afraid to take chances or spend energy on getting things done. Together, we are better.

In a few years, when I get the opportunity to write this again, I hope the fact that J.M. Field Marketing is the largest provider, in one area of business or another, never outweighs the feelings our team shares about each other or the important contributions we make to our clients’ successes.

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