Reducing Paper Jams

Contrary to the efforts of going green, paper continues to play a vital role in offices, even in this digital age. Printers, copiers and fax machines are still just as important as Email. Unfortunately, paper is not a perfect medium and paper jams present a hassle for many people. Below are tips that can help manage these troublesome time-wasters.

Store paper flat in a cool and dry place. Moisture and heat can cause paper to curl at the edges and this increases the chance that it will jam the machine. Keep paper off the ground and away from heating, cooling or plumbing pipes. It is also helpful to store paper in the original ream packaging rather than open on the shelf. This helps prevent waste and keeps paper safe from dirt.

Fan it out. Before adding paper to your copier or printer, flex the paper back and forth in your hands, and then fan out the edges. This helps to keep the paper from sticking together and jamming the equipment.

Let the paper run out on its own before adding more. Mixing fresh paper with paper that has been sitting in the tray can lead to unwanted jams and hassles.

Fill the tray below the designated capacity. It is tempting to put as much as possible, but having too much paper can add extra strain on the rubber intake wheels, causing premature aging and more paper jams.

Follow the manufacturer’s guide. Most printers, fax machines and copiers come with guidelines from the manufacturer that outlines proper uses. Ignoring these instructions can lead to paper jams, gummed up parts and premature wear and tear.

If you need to print on a stock your office equipment cannot handle, have it printed professionally instead. It will save you money in the long run by reducing wear and tear on your printers.

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