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Networking Success

Have you heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’? As much
as we all hate to agree with it, this proverb offers timeless advice. Networking has
always been a large part of any person’s personal and professional success.

Below are a few tips that any person can follow to develop strong and lasting
relationships with key individuals.

Start with a goal. There are numerous reasons to network and the following are
some excellent goals to keep in mind:

Get known by those who count Advance your career
Develop more prospects Build your reputation
Make more contacts Increase knowledge or experience
Increase sales Develop future references
Build relationships Develop business partners

Consider it mandatory. Networking is not optional. It is not something to do when you find the time to do so, it should be continuous and practiced as a natural part of any interaction with a new person. Every encounter with a person could be the “golden opportunity” to grow personally or professionally.

Go where your customers and prospects are. Any event can offer opportunities for networking, but Chamber of Commerce meetings are a great place. Volunteering is another way to gain qualified contact as well as build your reputation.

Be generous about sharing business tips, referrals and leads with non-competitors. You will be remembered for the help you gave as well as for the people you know. In the future, you might receive good advice or new business referrals as a result.

Networking is a skill that can be learned and mastered. If it is done well, it can have a massive impact on your professional and personal successes. If nothing else, always remember that the people you meet today can become your single greatest resource tomorrow.

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