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Managing Your Email

Many of us drown in the Emails we receive each day, but there are solutions
to managing this mess.

Here are some simple tips everyone can use to help manage the tasks and
Emails we create and receive each day.

1. Stop storing Emails in your inbox. Most of us have important Emails
in our inbox for easy access at a later time, but we should be filing
them in their own folders or adding them to our tasks.

2. Name your tasks. Immediately after reading, convert Emails to tasks
by clicking on it and dragging it to the task icon, name it and move on.

3. Use two task lists. Doing this allows you to keep track of daily tasks and
long-term tasks. You’ll find you manage your time better by doing so.

4. Break down tasks into mini-projects or steps.

5. Get it done! Prioritize the tasks you need to complete and set the goal
of getting it all done.

6. Sort your tasks with the oldest tasks at the bottom of the list. This goes against what a lot of us are
accustomed to doing, but it will focus you more on what is new and needs to get done first. Old tasks
are dead, but it that task comes up again, you can find it in the list and re-set the date.

7. Do not store attachments in your inbox or sent box. It can bog down your server. Save all attachments on
your computer for later reference.

Although there are many more tips available for managing Emails, these tips can get you started off in the right
direction. It may take some getting used to, but it will be worth it all in the long-run.

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