Direct Marketing: What’s it to You?

direct marketingDirect marketing, like all advertising, is an art form. However, direct marketing goes a step further than the rest into the realm of science. Thanks to its analytics, testing, numbers and research, direct marketing branches out beyond creativity also requiring a strategic approach.

When deciphering what your direct marketing campaign will entail, there are four basic elements that need to be part of your marketing plan. Much like the scientific method, the four elements of a direct marketing strategy include:

  • The purpose: Explains the reason for your direct marketing campaign and answers the question, “Why are you doing this?”
  • The objective: States what you hope to achieve. Your objective should be specific and clearly state your goals for your direct marketing campaign.
  • The plan: This step lays out how the campaign is going to happen. Think of it as the big idea or the itinerary.
  • The tactics: These explain how the plan is actually carried out.

Each strategy element is equally as vital. When combined, these steps seem a lot like those necessary to put together the perfect surprise party, but perhaps that’s how direct marketing can be perceived in another light (most likely a black light, as this analogy is pretty far out). Your consumer receives your direct marketing collateral via mail, email or text and SURPRISE, it’s addressed directly to them promoting a product or service that is directly relevant to their lifestyle. They think, “I can’t believe it! How do they know me so well?” Mission accomplished. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without some strategic planning… see how we came full circle there?

The beauty of direct marketing is that it does not end there. There are tons of measures that can be taken to ensure you launch a successful campaign. With direct marketing, you should always anticipate everything and you’ll never be blindsided.

  • Get to know your target market beforehand by doing some in depth research.
  • Learn what it is that your audience is looking for in a product or service like yours and what their expectations are.
  • Also, know what the capabilities and limits of your competitors are so you can beat them to the punch.
  • Do your research, just like your college papers, this is what builds quality work.
  • You’ll need to figure out who your target market actually is, as well as where, when, why and how they can be converted to buyers.

Ultimately, you want to position your brand within a specific market sector. For instance, do you want to be recognized for having the lowest prices, the greatest selection of merchandise or the highest quality products? We know your mom told you that you could be a firefighter and an astronaut, but the reality is that you can’t do it all. Don’t try to be everything to everyone, it’s just not possible (bet you didn’t know we were going to get all philosophical). As your business grows, you’ll need to tailor your marketing plan along with it to make sure every initiative pays off.

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