Latest News – J.M. Field Marketing Hosts Live Webinar for Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex webinarLast Monday, September 27, 2010, J.M. Field Studios produced its first live interactive webinar “A Night with Keratin Complex and Martino Cartier” for Copomon Enterprises’ brand, Keratin Complex. The 90-minute live webinar was designed to demonstrate the best ways to use Keratin Complex products to get straight, shiny and fabulous hair.

Keratin Complex’s previous webinars were held using Web X, which only allowed them to reach a maximum of 300 people. They sought a more effective solution that would reach more stylists and offer interactive features so their audience could do more than simply watch a prepared PowerPoint presentation while listening to the  speaker. After discussing the webinar program with us, a plan was developed for a unique webinar program that was designed to reach a larger audience.  Because of our ability to stream a large amount of data, design and send viral invitations as well as create a website just for the show, hair stylists from all across the country tuned in, allowing Keratin Complex to reach nearly 7,000 viewers, which is 23 times more viewers than with the previous webinar.  The invitations to register for the Keratin Complex live webinar were sent out 2 weeks in advance of the show and stylists were able to invite their colleagues to watch along with them.

With the webinar featuring renowned stylist Martino Cartier, from Bravo’s hit TV show “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” demonstrating and discussing the best ways to use Keratin Complex’s amazing hair products the webinar was a fun, engaging and educational show.  The 90-minute webinar was broken up into six 15-minute segments during which several free gifts were given away, including autographed shears by Martino Cartier.

During the show a professional voiceover personality announced live questions from viewers, who messaged in questions through the Keratin Complex webinar site, which Martino answered live during the show. This was possible thanks to our ability to incorporate this technology into the website.

Even though the live webinar was shot at our well-equipped studios, we brought in a 5-ton lighting and grip truck, a 48-foot SDI production truck and two dozen workers to assist on the production of the live webinar to ensure the timely preparation and delivery of the show.  We were able to bring the webinar to life because of the talents of their skilled employees and their collaboration with Keratin Complex’s employees.

During the week before the Keratin Complex live webinar, J.M. Field Studios also produced an instructional training video for Mapei and conducted a still photo shoot for several of Mapei’s products. We are looking forward to producing more live webinars and videos in the future.

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