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Climate Controlled Warehouse Storage

In response to client needs, we have converted 17,000 of our
total 52,000 square feet of warehouse storage space into premium climate
controlled storage. In a South Florida climate, there is a lot of humidity and
our premium storage space offers a constant atmosphere of 76 degrees.
All facility storage space is secure, monitored and clean, but with the new
climate control, clients can now take advantage of an environment that is
friendly towards:

      Paper products, such as files, envelopes, books and reports


Perishable items

Beauty products

Home furnishings and musical equipment


We can store your goods, track your inventory with our sophisticated real-time tracking, notify you when your inventory needs to be replenished, as well as fulfill and ship your orders. With our distribution and warehousing network, inventory and orders can be economically stored and shipped domestically as well as internationally.

Visit for more information on our Fulfillment services.

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