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Whitehat SEO vs Blackhat SEO

Whitehat SEO and Blackhat SEO are two opposing viewpoints on how to market a company’s website using search engine optimization. Whitehat website designers follow SEO guidelines, while blackhats use unethical techniques to increase a company’s search engine ranking, which are usually short lived.

The whitehat techniques that help companies enhance, rather than detract from their website, include internal linking, reciprocal linking, content creation and more. While the backdoor techniques used by blackhats include spamming the Web with dummy pages full of links, keyword stuffing, meta tag stuffing, link farms, URL redirects, cloaking and blog spamming, in an effort to make their sites appear popular.

  • Keyword Stuffing –  Inserting or hiding keywords in a page to increase its keyword density. Search engines are familiar with this trick and can now tell when keywords are being injected into the page.
  • Meta Tag Stuffing – Placing unrelated keywords repeatedly in the meta tags.
  • Hidden Links – Placing links where visitors will not see them in order to increase the amount of traffic generated through search engines or unexpected clicks.
  • Mirror Sites – Hosting multiple sites that all contain the same content, in hopes that the search engine will rank some of the keywords in the URL higher in more than one of the URLs.
  • URL redirection –Automatically redirects the viewer to another page without his or her intervention, e.g. using META refresh tags or Java Script.

Most Blackhat SEO companies will promise that they can get your website to the number 1 spot on the search engine results page. But in reality, they’re leading you down the road to get your site banned, so it’s best to watch out.

Search engines are always on the lookout for sites using Blackhat SEO techniques. It’s always best to stick to the search engine guidelines and not tarnish your company name by using shady SEO tricks. Whitehat SEO yields better results in the long run every time. Steady and strong wins the race. By using whitehat techniques to provide your viewers with quality content, you’ll be able to accomplish your business goals.

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