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PPC Wars: Google Adwords vs Yahoo Search Marketing

A successful online presence is essential to any company looking to establish itself as an industry leader or grow its customer base. While your particular circumstances and financial options will dictate how you spend your marketing dollars, you should do your research before you decide which pay per click system to use.

Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing both offer a powerful way to promote and place your company directly in front of your target market. But since both pay per click systems do practically the same thing, how do you choose? The Google pay per click program requires that companies pay a select amount for each time a visitor clicks on their link. These links can cost from $.01 to more than $100 a click, but you only pay when people click your ads/links. One downside here is that Google doesn’t tell you how much you will pay per click, so if you bid $1.50 per click, you will pay anywhere from $0.05 to $1.50 per click.

The more competitive the keywords your company chooses to use in their links, the more expensive it will be to compete against others. If you use the Yahoo Search Marketing system, they will drop your keyword if the conversion rate for that keyword is very low for a significant period of time. Google only does this if the potential conversion rate is too low.

Google Adwords allows companies to put together a seemingly infinite number of possible keywords. One of the best aspects of Google Adwords is the built-in ROI tracker and the keyword suggestion tool, which allows you to see how relevant your keyword is and its popularity. Google’s budgeting tool also allows you to control the highest price per click by day and date ranges that fall in your campaign. Their program also gives you the opportunity to select your target market or region and tells you the average position of your listing by keyword.

In addition, the Google Adwords program ties directly into the Google Adsense program and your ads can be displayed on other sites in their network such as AOL, Netscape and AskJeeves. Although a relatively new player in the pay per click market, Google has quickly become the one to watch, or in this case, use.

A downside to Google’s system is that they don’t reveal any information about competitor bids. If you do decide to use the Adwords program, you will definitely need to monitor your campaign and your results using the conversion tracker to ensure that your budget doesn’t finish quickly. Because the Google search engine and its networks are so huge, your ads will get clicked on a lot. Plus, you can monitor your campaign to see which keywords aren’t performing so you can eliminate them.  Yahoo offers many useful reports, but with Google you can customize your reports to show only the information you need.

In comparison, the Yahoo Search Marketing program (formerly Overture) is known for its sponsored search functionality which allows companies to select how much they want to bid. Although bidding starts at $.10 per keyword, each bid is set to a value $.01 above your next competitor.  So if your competitor bids $.25 for one keyword and you bid $.50 for the same keyword then you will only have to pay $.26 for that keyword and you will be listed above them in the paid search results listing.

Otherwise Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords are very similar. Many consider the Yahoo Search Marketing ad campaigns to be easier to set up; however if your company markets to different regions or countries then you will need to have a new account for each of those campaigns. If you have many campaigns this can become time consuming and a hassle to keep everything in order. Yahoo has also designed a Local Advertising program similar to the Google Local Business Results, but it allows you to list your local business for $9.95 a month. Your listing will include two links to your site to improve your chances.

To sum up, Yahoo provides an open system so you can see how much money you’re spending. While Google does not tell you why you’re spending what you’re spending, it does get more traffic and in most cases it converts better than Yahoo. If you want to run a pay per click campaign, it’s important to be informed about all the aspects of running a campaign. Many companies offer these services and it’s critical that you work with one that’s experienced at what they do. This will allow you to concentrate on growing your business.


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