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Why You Still Need Business Cards

Business cards are like handshakes, they’ll never go out of style in the corporate world. Even in today’s digital age of social media and handheld computers, a business card is easier to use than having to remember the person’s name and the correct spelling for you to look them up online later.

For instance, if you attend a Florida Panthers game and happen to hear two people in front of you discussing how out-of-date and confusing their current business website is, then you can join the conversation and tell them about your company, as well as offer them your business card to contact you later. Plus, by handing out your business card, it shows that you’re a professional instead of having to write your contact information down on a piece of paper.

Since business cards are so affordable, they won’t put a large dent in your wallet. A box of 250 business cards will cost you less than a three course meal at most restaurants. With numerous combination of colors, fonts, and styles for you to choose from, your designers can create the best business card to represent your company. The goal is to have them produce an eye-catching business card that potential customers will remember long after you’re gone.

With a business card, you have the opportunity to express and showcase your company name and logo. This kind of creativity can’t be found in a text message. So arm yourself with your business cards, and hand them out at every opportunity because it only takes one.


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