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Tips for Designing the Perfect Product Label

Have you ever been grocery shopping and thought wow that product label is really well-designed. You can tell that the company put a lot of time and effort into developing a unique label design. In reality, most companies hire a design or marketing company to do this for them. Then they hire a printing company to mass produce thousands of labels for them. J.M. Field Marketing is your one-stop facility for all your design and printing needs. Our designers are professionals are great at creating eye-catching product labels. In addition, we have a flexographic printer that will quickly mass produce thousands of labels. But before you get started on anything, you should consider these 5 elements.

Color and Graphics

To grab your audience’s attention, you need to choose a label color that will stand out against the bottle, whether it’s a clear or colored bottle. You need an original label design that will compliment and enhance the visual appeal of your product.

Readability and Font

The product label should prominently feature the product name and your marketing message. You need to choose a font that is unique and different. Don’t use the Times New Roman font because it’s already overused. Your font size should be large enough that prospective customers can see the product name from a distance.

Label Size

You need to consider if you want a wrap around label or separate from and back labels. If you decide on a wrap around product label, you need to separate the front part of the product label with the branding information from the back which has the ingredient and contact information. However, if you decide to go with separate front and back label, then you have a elegant way of separating the information on the label.

Label Finish

The right type of label finish can help convey the type of image you want your product to give off. You can choose a matte finish or a glossy finish. A matte finish gives a product a more classic look, while gloss finish will add a shiny, reflective look.

Last but not least, BRAND your product. The design, graphics and label finish should reflect your company’s brand, especially if this is a new addition to your line of products. The product label doesn’t make the product, but it sure helps.

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