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Stand out with Packaging and a Custom Gift Box

Most people love to buy or receive a product that has been presented and packaged nicely. If you’re putting together a retail product or gift for your customers, a custom retail packaging or gift box will make a strong statement and show customers how much you value their business.

Anyone who has bought an iPod will confirm the excitement they felt when they opened up the specially designed box and lifted out their iPod. A customer would not experience the same excitement and anticipation if they were to pull their iPod out of a plain brown box. Investing in creative and unique packaging, like a custom gift box, can help boost your business sales and profitability.

For instance, one of our cruise line customers asked us to put together a Mediterranean spice kit with a salt and pepper grinder as a gift for their top loyalty circle members. We found a selection of salt and pepper grinders, several different Mediterranean spices to incorporate into the kit and numerous small jars to hold the spices. After presenting the options to the cruise line executive, we narrowed the options down to one salt and pepper grinders, six Mediterranean spices and six small 2 oz jars. After searching for boxes to fit the items, we decided to custom design a box with die-cut inserts to hold the items in place. In addition, we printed the box in the cruise line’s company color and branded the box with their company name. The end product was a beautiful custom gift box that both the client and the recipients loved.

So whether you’re looking for a custom gift box, mass mailing packaging, cookie packaging, makeup packaging, or any product packaging, we can design and produce the packaging for you. Most people think it’s expensive to produce a custom gift box or packaging if a small quantity is needed, but in fact it’s reasonably priced. Yes, it’s true the larger quantity you purchase the less expensive the custom gift box or retail packaging. But even a small order such as 100 or 200 piece custom gift box can be inexpensive.

When you work with us, we’ll take into account your budget, as well as the image you want your brand to project and the demographics your product will be given to or sold to before putting together the final design for your packaging or custom gift box. Plus, we offer a variety of printing, laminating and finishing options to meet almost any need. So whether your brand is new or established, we’ll keep all these factors in mind to create an eye-catching and captivating custom gift box or custom product packaging to boost your company image.

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