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Secrets of a Good Logo: Part 2

As I promised, I’ve jotted down a few basic logo design rules to help guide your graphic artist or creative agency to create the best corporate identity and branding style guide. Look at this as sort of like a logo design “cheat sheet.”

• Keep it Simple: Have you ever heard of the saying, “Less means more?” It’s definitely true in the world of having a strong corporate identity and logo. Use 2-3 colors, at most, and do not have “a zillion” components or design elements to your logo. You should be able to shrink your logo design down to the size of a nickel or enlarge it and still be able to clearly tell what it is and read the text. These key features will help make your corporate logo design memorable, so clients will automatically think of your company as soon as they see the logo. It will also help make your logo easy to place on just about any marketing product, wearable item or printed piece. You’ll thank me later when you want to display your logo on promotional products and marketing materials.

• Representation: Make sure the logo design represents your company’s industry well. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to get this part done and that’s where your trusty graphic artist comes in. A good technique to use is to give your designer 3 words and 3 pictures that represent exactly what your company does. That way the feel and all around look you are going for can be translated.

•Determine the values of your business/company: This is extremely important for every company when developing the business’ motto and practices, but it will also dictate certain elements of the logo design. The values of your company provide good direction and sources of inspiration for a logo.

• Target Audience: Who are your clients? What kind of people are they and what would appeal to them? These are things you need to take into account so that your logo design and corporate identity appeal to your target audience. For example, having a rock & roll themed logo for a law firm would probably not be a good idea because your target audience is not rocking teenagers, but working adults, professionals, etc. Having a strong professional looking logo would probably work better and add credibility to your practice. All these things are imperative to notice when thinking of your logo design and branding standards – or even when re-branding your company.

Now that you have a “cheat sheet” to help guide you to your perfect logo design, keep in mind that once your logo is complete, it will then set the standard for all your branding needs. It will be the compass that will point the way when you get into advertising, website design, Internet marketing and print design for your company, which are all key elements when marketing your business. Stick around for more about the ins and outs or dos and don’ts on every aspect of corporate identity and branding and other marketing ideas.

-Mike Diaz

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