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Make the Logo Bigger…

If I had a dime for every time a client requested to make the logo bigger, I would be a rich rich rich man.The client was making the wrong request. What he meant to say was “make the logo better.”

Logo design is far more of a science than an art. Just like I was schooled by the iconic Helmut Krone that letters of the alphabet are merely designs…so it goes with logo design…the image, in a perfect execution is a message unto itself.

Let’s look at a few of the best logo designs in history. I would like to begin (now I might be a little biased here, check bio) with the NBC peacock. At it’s inception, it delivered a uniquely simple message…the network was the first to broadcast “in living color.” Years later, circa me, I brought it back to the network in a modernized style to signify pride as in “Proud as a Peacock.” The CBS eye is another good example of a clean logo design delivering a clear message. The Nike swoosh is equally effective albeit aided with a trillion dollars in marketing support.

Sometimes I wonder if I designed a logo that was nothing more than a couple of circles, let’s say yellow and red that it wouldn’t stick. It worked for Mastercard. I am trying to decipher the intent…I got it..what started out all bright and sunny, now has you in the red. I like the simplicity of the Good Hands logo design, The Travelers Insurance red umbrella and the Merrill Lynch Bullish or just bull, depending on how much you had invested. A perfect logo design will deliver the corporate platform, the product benefit, and the emotional intent of the product or service, unsupported by a tag line or even a single word.

So, if you are in the market for a logo design, give us a call. We won’t make the logo bigger. We won’t make it smaller. We’ll just make it smarter!

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