Logo Design

Logo Design

A great logo design is worth 1,000 words. While you can put a price on creating your logo, it is impossible to measure the impact it will have on your brand’s visibility. Your logo is your badge, your coat of arms, your identity – it’s you! We want you to be YOU to the people that don’t know you – so they’ll get to understand you and your business. Did you follow us through that? In other words, our job is to make sure that the first impression of your company says the right thing to your target audience. Former IBM CEO Thomas Watson said it best, “Good design is good business.”

Our logo design work will let you be the you that you’ve always wanted – without actually saying anything.

At J.M. Field Marketing, our logo designs will help create an identity for your business. Whether your company is established and just looking for a facelift or you are getting ready to launch a new business and need to establish your brand identity, our logo design work will help you find the face of your company.

Our Logo Design Work Includes:

  • Web Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Stationary Printings
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Initial Concepts
  • Revisions
  • Delivery in Several Web and Print-Safe Formats

Every business sets out with a certain purpose and it is the priority of our logo design team to illustrate those purposes and bring your vision to life. When you work with us, you will be in direct contact with one of our artists, making your branding experience efficient, productive and easy!

Your business needs to do well and we are confident that our logo design services can deliver a strong logo that reflects the image you envision for your company. You have an admirable business name, we’re prepared to design your website (yeah, we do that too), and your only remaining requirement is a logo to punctuate your business. We can help!

Get Started:

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