JMF Top Ten: Trade Show Design Tips

trade show designTrade shows are an excellent opportunity to expose your brand and generate potential new leads or business partnerships. Our trade show design tips will help you become the center of attention at your next trade show. Having trade show displays that are memorable will help you win clients by first capturing their attention. Here are the top ten ways to stand out from the crowd with winning trade show design:

1. Back to the Basics – Colors and Shapes

Color is something that quickly attracts attention to your trade show display. By staying away from monotones and adding a splash of color, you’ll get positive attention. This doesn’t mean you have to go for neon pinks and greens. With custom trade show displays, you can stick with the trademark colors of your business.  Along with fun color, break free from the square mold and use other shapes! Using interesting shapes in your trade show design for columns or other displays can get people’s attention.

2. Be Cutting Edge

No matter what type of industry you’re in, show potential clients that you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to new trends. Use innovative products in your display like eco-friendly bamboo and tension fabric that can make your trade show display unique. Tension fabric is a brand new technology that is ultra-pliable, giving your printed display the ability to wrap around displays or even objects.

3. Get the Measurements

Check and double check the size of your booth before you order your trade show display. Some trade shows have height maximums and restrictions. Does the venue allow hanging trade show displays for a unique twist on trade show design? Check the price of getting the banner hung as it may not be possible or may be very expensive. Much of this also has to be scheduled ahead of time.

4. Be Eye Catching…in a Good Way

Make sure your trade show design gets the right kind of attention. How often do you see something strange or odd and it catches your attention in a bad way? Rather than be cringe-worthy, be interesting! Add something to your trade show display that is unique. People will notice.

5. Make Friends!

Even if you have the best trade show design in the building, make friends with neighboring booths! You never know when you’ll forget something, and having a friendly neighbor is a great resource. Your neighboring booth may be your next client.

6. Be Welcoming

Trade shows can be long, and as much as you want to be comfortable, don’t crowd your trade show booth by putting a table and chairs for your staff to sit at. People sitting and chatting are unapproachable. The best trade show design welcomes people into your booth. Keep the floor plan open and uncluttered. Make sure your staff enthusiastically welcomes people into your booth. You’ll get more attention for having a welcoming attitude and it reflects well on your business.

7. Have Giveaways That Are Fun and Match Your Brand

A great trade show design is essential, but also having great giveaways that are memorable and match your overall display will keep your brand fresh in a client’s mind. Personalized promotional products are great tools that help keep your business fresh in the client’s mind long after they’ve stored away your business card.

8. Be Interactive and Engaging

A great trade show design is an interactive one that keeps potential clients interested. Be as interactive as possible and think outside the box. If you have products that you can demonstrate, do it! Live demos, interactive trade show displays and samples are all great ways to get attention.

9. Get Loud and Proud with Music

The best kept trade show secret is having fun music playing in your booth. Before you incorporate a speaker system into your trade show design, make sure to check with the trade show organizers to confirm you are allowed to play music and any restrictions they have. Most trade shows are fine with booths playing music but most companies don’t realize they have this option. There’s no better way to keep people engaged then with fun music or sound effects. Make sure your playlist is appropriate for the audience but keep it upbeat. Also be careful not to be too loud to bother your neighbor booths.

10. Brand Yourself

Remember that the main reason for having a trade show display is for branding. Be consistent and don’t be afraid to brag a little bit about yourself! Have press kits handy in case anyone wants one. If you have a tagline or slogan, use it! Slogans are a great way to be memorable. Make your trade show design reflect your brand and you’ll get some great attention at the next trade show you attend.

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