Mockingjay Trailer: Hungry for Great Logo Design?

The trailer for the much-anticipated Mockingjay, Part 1 installment of the Hunger Games was released today, exciting fans everywhere. The video comes courtesy of Capitol TV, the fictional government-owned broadcasting network of the books’ ruling government. The Capitol TV logo, a gleaming gold eagle with extended wings that sits on a bed of arrows, definitely grabs your attention. Propaganda is a major theme in the book and has been cleverly woven into the marketing for the films so that the trailer actually acts as a propaganda piece for the story’s’ government. In the trailer, Coriolanus Snow, the president of Panem, the utopian city represented in the books, speaks about the strengths of the supposed great society and warns those who attempt to resist the system that they will have to fight alone. Peeta Mellark, another character from the book who competes in the games, stands resolutely next to him, his eyes staring up at a point above him. The spot is shot against a matte white background and both Peeta and the president wear crisp white suits as he sits in a white chair. The white washed logo can be seen throughout the spot, reminding you where this address is coming from.

Check out the Mockingjay trailer here:

The Hunger Games trilogy is not the only movie franchise to use logos in their films. Iron Man, the popular story from Marvel Comics, has Tony Stark as the super hero, who in his non-superhero everyday life owns the fake multi-billion dollar multinational corporation Stark Industries, which incidentally, has its own logo, the company’s name written in a slick, space age-type font.


Another example of this is the Jurassic Park logo which is used on all of the pretend park’s merchandise in the books as though it were owned by a real company.



Logos are a powerful visual that not only capture attention but create a solid image for a brand or business. Though the previous examples are fictional, the same concept applies. People associate and remember products and companies by their logos. J.M. Field Marketing has excellent logo design services that will make people take notice of your business. Our team of graphic designers will create you concise and visually beautiful logos with your company’s image in mind. J.M. Field Marketing will take your vision and make it tangible so that when someone sees your logo, they already know they will get great service.


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