Graphic Design Questions:


Sorry Folks, the Internet Is off-Limits

No, when using images from the Internet for graphic design, you run the risk of Copyright Infringement. Images cannot be pulled from other websites and/or image search engines. Also, images from the Internet are usually low resolution, which is unable to be used for print. Unfortunately, images on search engines like Google and Bing aren’t up for grabs and you can’t use them as your own for graphic design. Most people forget that all photographs and images are actually owned by someone, so you need to get permission to use the photo before you use it for graphic design.

Free Stock Photos Exist Just about Everywhere

There are plenty of websites out there where you can find free pics for your graphic design use. However, be sure to fully read the licensing terms before using the free stock pics, even though they claim to be free. Some websites that offer free stock pics include Gratisography, Unsplash, Life of Pix, Death to Stock Photos, Picjumbo and a whole lot more! Stock photos are perfect for graphic design use, because the designers can take the photos and transform them into something completely unique for your business. Our graphic designers here at J.M. Field Marketing can transform your logo design, customize business cards, design T-Shirts for company events, create vehicle decal designs and so much more.

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