Business Cards – Old School or Powerful Networking Tool?

Business CardsAdapting to new technology and being conscious of green efforts are factors that are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world. So, why do we continue to use paper business cards when we can just send the contact info directly to their mobile device or put it in an email? Is new technology better or are business cards still an important networking tool?

Placing your business card into the hands of a person accomplishes some important things that other technology does not.  The action alone gives that person something to remember you by and they will remember you every time they see the card. Having a memorable business card also can be a great talking point. It can get a conversation going that ends in a sale or a partnership.

Benefits of a Great Business Card

An effective business card will do several things. It encapsulates the best methods of contacting you. It can become part of a direct mailing piece. When properly designed, it can become a part of your branding, and encourage the receiver to want to know more about you. Business cards are conveniently sized, inexpensive and informative. In addition, the recipient has the ability to better remember your information. If your advertising were to include radio or television ads, your contact information is only available to be memorized for mere seconds, while a business card can hold all of those details for later use, easy reference and a very small price.

Speaking of the details, there are a few simple things to remember to maximize the effectiveness of your business card. Like most things, keep it simple. Put your vital and relevant information on it, and keep it legible. It is tempting to put in more information, but the point is to keep it clean and concise. Your contacts can get more information by reaching out to you or going to your website. Keep your new contact intrigued, but not overwhelmed. Remember, white space can also be valuable on your card for them to jot notes to remember you by.

We have a team of graphic designers, content specialists, and printing professionals that can take all of the guesswork out of the process for you. We’re ready to help build your brand image with something as simple as your business card. It is likely the most cost effective change you can make to expand your business and is a great networking tool!

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