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A Tasty Branding Style: Part 2

In part one I talked about the importance of having a good brand and corporate Identity. I mentioned how a graphic artist and copywriter can help you get started with building compelling branding concepts. And they can, but their ability to create and give your brand a personality, so to speak, depends on your ability to provide the right information for successful branding.

Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. In order to be successful with your brand, you must understand the needs and wants of your clientele and prospects. That means that even if you have the best graphic artist and copywriter on the planet, designing your brand and putting images and words to it, it wouldn’t matter at all if it didn’t reach out to your clientele in the right way. Yes, they’ll make it look and sound jazzy and eye catching, but if it doesn’t contain components that relate to your industry in a manner that grabs your customer’s attention then all you got is a nice looking branding style.

It’s very important to spend time in researching and defining your brand and industry because it’s literally the beginning source of the promise of satisfaction that you make to your clients. It’ll also help your trusty graphic artists and copywriters gain a concrete understanding of how your brand & corporate identity should be designed the right way.

Here are a few things you will definitely need to make sure that your brand and corporate identity really rock:

• Make sure the message is delivered clearly and try to keep it simple.

• Confirm your credibility; this helps build trust.

• Connect with your target audience emotionally. People love the feeling of buying something that makes them happy.

•Your message needs to motivate the buyer and future buyers; this helps to build a good relationship with your customers

• Concrete clients’ loyalty; this will help to keep them coming back to you

This is where your research and knowledge of your brand and industry will come into play. It’ll then become the food that graphic artists and copywriters feed on to design your brand and corporate identity not just in a way that looks awesome but also in a way that will connect and compel your target audience and clientele.

-Mike Diaz
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