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A Tasty Branding Style: Part 1

In my last blog post, I talked about the secrets to a good logo and I briefly mentioned that it tied into having successful branding and corporate identity. This is just as important as having a good logo, each depending on the other to be successful individually. I mean, what good is your logo if your branding and corporate identity don’t match?

If you’re planning on starting up your own company or corporate business, it’s extremely imperative to make sure that your branding and corporate identity rocks everyone’s socks off. That is, if you’re also planning on being successful with your business. Not to worry though, careful planning with your trusty graphic artist and following these key steps I’ve outlined below, your new company or corporate business will soar.

• Brand Name

Having a good brand name that embodies your industry is the perfect place to start when building your corporate identity. Catchy names usually do the trick but you can also keep it professional if you choose. It should also be used interchangeably with your brand and this in turn will also become your trademark. If you’re having trouble coming up with a brand name or slogan to go with it, try consulting with a copywriter. Copywriters are always great at coming up with catchy titles, names and slogans.

•Brand Image and Corporate Identity

Now that you have your rock’n logo and brand name, you have to think about your brand image and corporate identity. Things to think about for successful brand images and corporate identities are identifying the appropriate representation that will appeal to your target audience and clientele.

Stay tuned: In my next blog, I’ll cover even more things you need to know to get your business rock’n and rolling on up.

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