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A New Court for Lebron James and His Brand

Last month Lebron James stunned the sports world by announcing his decision to join the Miami Heat. But what makes the move so staggering is that Lebron will be teaming up with two other players who can easily be considered the best players in the NBA; Dwayne Wade, who has already lead Miami to a championship, and Chris Bosh of Toronto whose team almost made the play-offs. Together, they aim to win the next NBA championship, and these three talented basketball players have the skills to take the Heat all the way.

Since the announcement of Lebron’s move to the sunshine state, the Lebron James brand has received more attention. But how will it compete against the Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh brand in Miami which are just as popular? From a marketing stand point, this could actually be a huge blow to the Lebron brand. When LeBron came out of high school, Nike gave him a 90 million dollar endorsement contract. He became a superstar as he was pushed to be the shining savior in a dying Cleveland franchise. Lebron practically single-handedly resurrected the Cleveland Cavaliers and led them to the NBA finals. Since Lebron was the only superstar in a city like Cleveland, carrying his team on his back allowed his brand name to blow up all over the city and eventually nationwide. This is not the case in Miami, with two equally-matched superstars by his side to share the marketing spotlight.

When Lebron was a Cleveland Cavalier, there was no question whose basketball jersey you were going to buy if you were a Cavalier fan, but Miami Heat fans have three options. They have to choose among Wade, Bosh and James basketball memorabilia and jerseys. This will be a dilemma that almost every Heat fan will go through whenever they choose to buy any basketball memorabilia and it’ll probably decrease the amount of profit that Lebron makes from his brand.

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