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The Turkey Pastrami Conspiracy

I don’t know about you, but I have been watching with befuddlement all of the bailout money being poured into failed and mismanaged companies, and the stimulus programs are just as perplexing. But, if you are looking for a safe haven for your money until this all blows over, I would suggest deli.

You know, Turkey, Pastrami, corned beef, American, Swiss and don’t forget liverwurst. It goes like this. Have you ever gone to a deli counter and asked for a half-pound of salami (he asks rhetorically)? Of course you have. A half-pound (8oz.) or, as it says on the digital scale .50. But it is never .50. It’s usually more like .60 and usually met with a little grey-haired counter lady who has schlepped a five-pound salami to the slicer asking,  “it’s a little over, is that okay?”

Now, of course the universal answer is usually “of course”. Well, I am going to figure out how to invest in the “It’s a little over” market. Based on industry statistics, a few million pounds of deli meat is sliced every day. At roughly $8 dollars a pound it is about a $200 million dollar a week industry…or about a billion dollars a year. If each customer goes 10% over the weight they requested, there’s $100 million dollars right there. Don’t even get me started on lox, Nova, and butter cookies. We’re talking big money here.

Now, my numbers might be a little over. Is that okay?


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