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The Pie Chart


I have taken a great deal of grief on this little gem of mine, but I believe there is a really useful message in it. Insurance companies, through their research has come up with actuarial tables that basically tell us how long we can expect to live. Now this is a subject that most of us don’t want to talk about, so when I designed my actuarial table/pie chart/birthday card, it was met with mixed reviews.

The chart is basically a pie chart, where I shade in the portion of the recipients life based on the actuarial numbers. In the remaining white space I write: “Happy Birthday, this is what you have left, make the most of it”. Now, in some cases, like for my peers, there is enough room in the remaining 1/3 to write the message. For my older friends, I have to write above the chart with an arrow pointing to the remaining sliver.

Here’s the point. We are constantly being reminded to live every day to the fullest, but instead we get caught up in the minutia of life. I am not going to suggest to you how to live your life. I am merely urging to live your life – don’t just smell the roses, try to be the roses. It’s kind of like when the weather forecasters tell you that tomorrow will be partly cloudy…isn’t it just as easy to say it will be mostly sunny? We all have a little bit of forecaster in us and I say go for “mostly sunny.” It is not until you draw your own pie chart that you get a clear graphic look at reality. If you have one person who loves you, three good friends, and your health, you’ve got everything. The rest my friends, is just bookkeeping.

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