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Reflection: Marketing Internship at J.M. Field Marketing

Upon reaching the half way mark of my college career at the University of Central Florida, I was given the opportunity to intern with J.M. Field Marketing. Having only recently picked up a marketing minor, I was nervous I would get lost in the unfamiliar area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But fortunately, that was not the case. I was able to learn and most importantly, understand why SEO plays such an important role in marketing and brand-building.

Most people don’t know, and neither did I at first, but there are several factors behind why the exact thing you searched for online appears at the top of the Google search results page. You often find what you were looking for due to the strategies behind SEO. The SEO experts strategize to make sure that their websites achieve the most online traffic as possible, thus increasing that websites page rank. They do this with a mixture of content management, SEO analysis, link building, keyword research and websites designed to SEO standards. It was a little confusing at first to grasp how each of these elements plays a role and why they were important, but by the end of my first week it all started to make sense. If you want people to find you, they shouldn’t have a hard time doing it.

With my greater understanding of SEO, I placed more value on the tasks I was given.  I made sure content read in ways that are easy and clear for all people to understand. As someone with reading comprehension issues, I understand the difficulty in knowing whether or not you have found what you were looking for.

I learned about adding Google authorship to blog pages and posts. Google authorship enables authors to link content they’ve created back to their Google+ profile.  A search result with a face stands out, and in turn, increases its spot in the search rankings.

Another project I loved working on while interning was coordinating social media. I helped choose images and wrote Facebook statuses that would catch the eye and attention of the reader as well as provide them with relevant information.  This gave me the opportunity to show off some of my creativity.

My internship has given me behind-the-scenes knowledge that no text book or college class could ever mirror. Being able to sit in on promotional campaign meetings and watching how ideas develop into something that is going to be marketed is priceless. With the help of the exceptional team of SEO experts, I have gained knowledge I’ll retain and will be able to use for future work. I would like to thank J.M. Field Marketing for giving me an awesome internship experience.

– Roxie Gelblum, marketing intern

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