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Our Unlimited Potential

In my spare time, I read and teach myself about quantum physics/mechanics, string theory and astrophysics. There’s something about the nature of the universe that fascinates me, and my curiosity to learn more about it continues to grow. One of the things that thrills me the most is the knowledge that everything is made up of atoms. Physicists used to think that this was the smallest form of matter, but now we know that atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. But what is that made of? Protons, electrons and neutrons are made up of even smaller parts called quarks and leptons which are held together by bosons and gluons.

It is not entirely known what quarks, leptons are broken up into mostly because it’s so small that we haven’t been able to observe it yet. But physicists agree that everything is just made of pure energy vibrating in different ways in its most dissected state. String Theory and Super String Theory explains this in great detail. Something to think about ey? So if thinking is done by controlling the flow of energy in the form of information through our brains, and everything else is energy already, what are we capable of and how farfetched can any idea be?

I believe that from our creativity to our ingenuity we are only limited by our imaginations and it’s very exciting to think about what we will be capable of in the future. Many times people are in awe by the things the human race has been able to accomplish. Things like taking a trip to the moon and building space stations there. Even things like being able to compose beautiful music or creating paintings so beautiful they bring tears to your eyes. Good examples of that is the composer Mozart who created some of the most awe inspiring pieces of music known to man and the artist Michelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel. However, sometimes in the midst of our day to day living just being so busy with what we have going on and all the things we have to do, it becomes easy to forget our seemingly unlimited potential to create, discover and do beautiful things. Sometimes it can make us feel like we are stuck in our lives or not growing and evolving. And when that happens to me as it may to everyone else as well, I remind myself to always follow my dreams because anything and I truly mean anything is possible. So plan well for the future, take care of the present and always remember that we are capable of anything.

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