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Making a Choice

Last weekend, I received news that my cousin had passed away. He was 52 years old. It was unexpected, but his age and the fact that he was living far away from the rest of the family affected many of us who had not seen him for awhile. We were left with the impression that he was unhappy and that was why he was away from the family. I had the impression that he was trying to deal with so many problems and he was overwhelmed. It left me feeling sad that I had not made an effort to speak with him recently.

My brother told me a joke about the meaning of life and how everyone has 83 problems to deal with. Guess what happens after you solve one? You get another one to replace it, of course.  We all have our problems. It seems like the anxiety, the emotion and the frustration which we allow to arise from them is sometimes caused by how we are viewing the problems. Maybe the recognition that we are always going to have problems, and that life is maybe our perspective on how we deal with the emotions associated with the problems.

After visiting my cousin’s house, several of my family members e-mailed everyone to inform us of what they had found when they went to see my cousin’s personal effects, his house and people he had known. He  had interacted with many people in his community and he had many friends. Many of them said that he was always helping people, interacting with so many people, playing guitar on Saturdays with others and just being a positive force. He was happy. Regardless of the problems he was facing, my cousin, who had been away from everyone, had made the choice to be happy and make the best of the situations he found himself in. What a great choice!

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