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JMF Celebrates Employee Anniversaries!


Hard work, integrity, passion, expertise, dedication – these are only a few of the amazing qualities that our team employs every day. At J.M. Field Marketing we put an emphasis on working with smart people who uphold our values which is why we are proud to congratulate our employees celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries at J.M.  Field Marketing!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Mirta Torres

Matt Menard

Jossie Velazquez

Norma Mancilla

Rosario Beaudoin

Zulma Gonzalez

Alex Duvot

Jon Edens

Lourdes Schilling

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Susan Field

David Rairigh

Teresa Turkowsky

Dennis Sukie

Fernando DeSouza

Joni Schoeneck

Paul Honcharski

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