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Erick Arenas’s Unique Artwork Visits the JMF Office

There are many types of artists. There are the realists, surrealists, abstract artists and the list goes on. Here at JMF we have a lot of talented people working with clients on new and creative projects, from print to web. We even have a Jeopardy contestant making sure orders get fulfilled, but on Monday, fellow employee Erick Arenas brought in some of his art work to the studio and it was far from the norm.

“Art is made to disturb. Science reassures. There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.” Using one of his favorite quotes from Georges Braque, Erick explained. “I just love to see and hear the expressions and thoughts of people after they see my stuff. I always try to disturb, I’m over making something look pretty. I want to make art look sexy, fun and interesting”

Always trying to use his free time, Erick took advantage of his lunch break and the white screen here in the JMF studio to take photos for his website. What he brought in was far from normal; a child’s rocking chair with a hand mirror that would make Wednesday Adams fall in love. The chair was out fitted with multiple painted skulls with hearts as eyes, “Time Out “painted on the back and a hand mirror with “So pretty” painted on the back.

“Most of the guys and girls were in awe, some didn’t get it and some like my art director, Alexis Kovic, loved it,” Erick said of the feedback he received from his coworkers.

Hopefully we will be able to see more of Erick’s artwork come though the J.M. Field office, because it’s not every day you get to see things like that at work.

If you would like to see more of Erick Arenas’s work before the launch of his website, click here to visit his Facebook page.


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