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A Creative Experience- From the Eyes of an Intern

By: Juliana Novik

As I entered my final year of studying graphic design at the University of North Florida, I was eager to apply what I had learned so far in my college career.  I was given the perfect opportunity to do so with a summer internship at J.M. Field Marketing. I was able to get a taste of real world experience in my field of study.

With the range of creative services that JMF offers, I got hands-on experience with a variety of projects that dealt with graphic design. For instance, within the first week I photographed client products and edited them in Photoshop so that they were ready for the web.  By working in the program often, my Photoshop skills improved and I was able to work at a quicker pace.  Other projects I worked on included designing and assembling name badges, work books and DVDs. These creative services allowed me to experience processes that are both different and important to the field such as final printing and creating a finished product.

Not only did I improve on my graphic design abilities, but I was also exposed to areas of direct marketing. While working on a call center campaign, I was able to take phone calls and client orders. This experience made me more comfortable with public communication, which is vital in the work force.

At JMF, I have explored and experienced how I can apply different skills to a variety of areas in graphic design. During my second week of interning, I have already become more confident and pleased in my abilities as a graphic designer. Having the opportunity to work with such a well-respected company has made it easy for me to further my education in graphic design. J.M. Field Marketing offered me a great experience. I look forward to continuing to work with the JMF this summer and perhaps even in the future.


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