JMF Top Ten: Ways to Increase Sales During Slow Summers

ways to increase salesDoes your business have the slow summer bummer? Because summer is the season for no school, extended vacations and plenty of traveling, it’s more difficult to reach clients or potential consumers. With most of your established clientele and consumers enjoying the off-season, how can you make sure your business and sales are steadily coming in?

We compiled a list to help those sales trickle in, no matter what industry you work in.

1. Reconnect with Existing Clients

First, reach out to existing clients. Since your business has already established sales and rapport with them, it will be faster than attempting to reach out to new clients and will include less effort on your part. Doing an email blast, offering discounts and even having lunch are all steps in ways to increase sales. Remember – your clients may be having a slow summer too, so suggest a way to help them out as well.

2. Explore a Different Medium

Since clients and consumers may be on vacation, they may be less prone to checking their email. While we don’t suggest diminishing email completely from your summer marketing campaigns, we do suggest you implement social media. Post more frequently on your company’s various social media accounts or try to gain more followers or likes. Chances are that people will have more time to use social media during the summer and will therefore have more chances to see any existing products or services you are offering.

3. Catch Up on Things

Despite what you may think, there is an advantage to the slow summer months: the downtime can allow you to catch up on tasks you put off because you didn’t have time to before. Whether it’s cleaning out your inbox or organizing inventory, you may find potential leads that you overlooked. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to them in an attempt to increase sales – give it a try!

4. Set Time Aside for Improvement

There is also another advantage to slow summer months for your business: you can sharpen company skill sets or improve them. For instance, is content on your blog lacking something? Do some pages on your site need a makeover? Are there some employees that need to be more organized? Fix things that you didn’t have time to fix before. Although this isn’t exactly one of the fastest ways to increase sales, fixing areas in your company that need improvement is bound to catch the attention of existing or possibly new customers in areas you are lacking in.

6. Offer Limited Time Sales

Why do people jump on limited time sales? Because they know it won’t be around all year round! With the time slow summer months allots, take time to go through promotional products inventory. Think of products that fit the season or ways to put a summer twist in the marketing of existing products. This is one of the surefire ways to increase sales and brand awareness.

7. Play with Pricing

Adjusting prices for summer deals can breathe life into dead sale seasons. Paying attention to profit margins, see where there might be wiggle room to play with pricing, particularly on products that are nearing the end of their cycle.

8. Christmas in July!

Explain to consumers that they can avoid the hustle and bustle of the holidays by buying your products now, because they sell fast during the holiday season. Even promoting products that can be used for back to school will be sure to make consumers think ahead and may be one of your business’s ways to increase sales.

9.  Enjoy the Weather

Summer is a great season to plan a networking event or in-house company picnic. Customers will appreciate the effort and getting to know their sales team in a fun, casual setting can help drive sales down the line. Have promotional products with your company name on them to increase brand awareness and knowledge of your company.

10. Work Ahead to Make Sales for Fall

After trying the aforementioned ways to increase sales, try to get ahead for the next season. This includes brainstorming social media campaigns, delegating future tasks, setting up a schedule for future campaigns and more. By being ahead of the game, you can surely find even more ways to increase sales!

Are your sales not up to par? Contact us so we can help you out. With a variety of different services, such as social marketing, Ecommerce fulfillment, web services and more, we can help!

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