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J.M. Field Marketing: A Mom’s Tale


Add a little water and I have my first Mother’s Day gift of 2011!

I am a new mom. Well, relatively new – I have two kids, so I am new to one (she’s turning one in June) and my little man who is three. As I was leaving for work on Wednesday, he started crying. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me he didn’t want to wait until Mother’s Day to give me his present. Neither did I, but I told him that he had to wait.

“Mommy doesn’t want to open it now. What will I do when all of the other mommies open their presents on Sunday?”

I didn’t ask like this. I was rushing to get out of the door. Looking back, that would have been the perfect thing to ask. I think we went back and forth for about 20 minutes, and then he gave in … finally. What can I say? He picks up his stubbornness from his mom, too.

Just as I was about to get into the car, he comes running up to me. Out back of our house we have a bunch of flowers, some I can’t even name. So much for being the daughter of a florist!

“I love you mommy,” he said and handed me a beautiful flower.

He is going to make some girl very lucky in the not-so-near future, I thought. I don’t want it to interfere with his plans to be the President.

Since this all transpired on a Wednesday morning, I had to get this flower in water if it was going to make it to Sunday. Working as the Creative Director for a marketing company, we get free samples all the time. You think hoarders are bad, you should see my office. But, I have been holding on to this vase for the perfect opportunity. As my daughter just started to say – “Tah-Dah!” The day for its use has arrived.

Just in case he decides to pop in on me at work one of these days, the flower will be there in water. Alive, hopefully. He has an eye for detail — and a knack for picking up a word here and there that he shouldn’t!

Now, I can’t wait to see what he got me for Mother’s Day!

If you have a Mother’s Day story of your own, we’d love to here about it here. Or you can post it on our Facebook page.

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