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The Power of Social Media: I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet for Ice Cream!

Ben and Jerry’s, a Vermont based ice cream company, rolled their truck into J.M. Field Marketing, where the entire company was treated to delicious Greek-style frozen yogurt in raspberry fudge and peanut butter banana flavors. Although the jury is still out on which one was best, we all agreed that this event brightened up a Thursday afternoon at work.

Free Ice Cream? All It Takes Is a Little Social Media

It all started with a tweet and the power of social media. We tweeted the Ben and Jerry’s Truck, in hopes that they would grace us with free ice cream. They tweeted us back with the news that they were coming and in an instant, all our dreams came true. Well, we did get free frozen treats!

We were so excited to welcome them to our company because they serve more than just good ice cream. They support social change, sustainability and fair trade. We can all raise our spoons to that! They are also known for doling out the free stuff on a regular basis. They have a Free Cone Day that they celebrate every year, along with having the Ben and Jerry’s Truck that tours the country giving out free ice cream. The truck that is currently touring in South Florida will continue on its free ice cream journey to Tampa, DC, New York, Hartford and Boston before returning to Vermont to, no doubt, stock up on the frozen stuff. Talk about racking up some serious good karma points!

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Social Media Networking

One of the highlights of having the truck stop and accept our social media request was getting to chat with the smiling faces behind the wheel. Terrance and Manny had big smiles on their faces as they explained to us that the biggest qualification for their job was not just a love of ice cream but a passion for the work that Ben and Jerry’s has in the social change realm.

Check out the Ben and Jerry’s Truck on Twitter (@BenJerrysTruck), use social media to  tweet them, and you might be next on their free ice cream list! Also, stay tuned to @JMFMarketing for news and updates.

We hope to see you next year, Ben and Jerry’s Truck!

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