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Holiday Recipe


A bushel of smiles
2 large open arms
3 heaping thoughts of good cheer
4 giant belly laughs
Several wonderful wishes
Pounds of hugs
Generous acts of charity and kindness


Let ingredients soak in over night.
Enough servings for all of mankind. 

It’s a dish that somehow along the way we have lost the recipe for. And yet, it is something the world is hungry for. It is a simple recipe, no expensive ingredients. In fact, if you think about it you already have everything you need. You just have to dust it off and gather it all up. And don’t worry, even if you can’t cook or leave just one of the ingredients out, you’ll still wind up with something very special. And unlike Aunt Ethel’s fruitcake, it never goes stale.

Now if you really want to spice it up, add as much joy as you can get your hands on, and serve it to as many people as possible… friends, family and strangers alike. And don’t be surprised if everyone asks for seconds, especially the kids. Oh, what’s it called? Love.


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