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Full Ship Charters

The thought of taking over an entire cruise ship for an exclusive and private event may seem farfetched to you, but I can tell you it is much more common today than it was just a few years ago. Yes, the current economic climate has slowed down the number of companies and individuals chartering ships in 2009 and since 2010 began, yet this practice is alive and well.

With the increase in the popularity of cruising, a number of new cruise companies entered the travel market which further expanded the variety of cruise options available to customers. As this popularity increased so did the use of cruise ships as an incentive to top executives.  A few decades ago it was usually the larger or more progressive corporations that chose cruise ships as a travel reward for their top sales people or dealers.  This practice has continued throughout the years and is still a popular option today. Are you wondering how these cruise lines have managed to promote cruise charters to small and large corporations? But of course, with the help of an experienced marketing team that knows the companies to contact and the right sales techniques to use.

As noted above, there has been a steady stream of new cruise companies entering the market over the last few decades introducing a variety of ship options. A number of these new companies began introducing smaller vessels into the market. These smaller vessels expanded service levels of the industry while also offering new destinations. Smaller vessels also made the possibility of chartering more obtainable to many companies. Instead of having to have a group of 1,000 passengers, companies could charter with  100 people or less.

With the introduction of these smaller cruise vessels came a whole new charter market for the lines, individual charters. The concept of one individual chartering a cruise vessel for their exclusive use is a relatively new concept, and it’s a growing market. If an individual had the financial means to pay the bill, the ships was available for rent.

In response to the increase in both corporate and individual charters, a small niche of professional travel companies have also flourished. These are companies that work on behalf of the charterer to secure the most favorable terms from the lines and assist the charterer with the myriad of details that go along with such an undertaking. So if you are considering chartering a cruise ship for your next company event or your next birthday party, do yourself a favor and enlist to help of a professional. You will be thankful you did.


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