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Several of us from our organization, including myself, are going through some events in our lives which are bringing about significant changes in how we view things. These changes include the arrival of a first born, the wedding of your only sibling, change in employment and relocating to a foreign country. Change seems to come into our lives, although sometimes involuntarily, and we have to adapt to this new reality. The emotion in my own and my colleagues’ demeanor as they are in that transitional frame of mind has impressed me. When my colleague brought his first born into the office for the first time, it was enlightening to see his new perspective. Our associate that is going into a new job position is so positively energetic that it is obvious to everyone that she is looking forward to a new beginning and is outwardly expressing herself in a way that she never has before.   

Change is inevitable. However, it allows us to think about fresh possibilities. For me, I usually immerse myself in the emotion when I experience change. With every change, I see things differently and experience more good things to incorporate into who I am. When things change in my environment, I tend to want to optimize my new vision and to make the most of where I find myself.

All the changes in my life come with limitations. For the most part, my decision not to give emphasis to those limitations has helped me. My most recent life change has not fit the category of my past life changes. This time, I had to deal with my own physical limitations, and at first, I could not see any positive. This was a purely emotional response. As I surrendered to my own reality, I found a new perspective, I began to see something that I haven’t before. Our ability to adapt, gains proficiency as we address our perceived negative situations. For me, giving in to wearing glasses seemed to be a gesture of giving in and allowing my body to begin to decay. I just didn’t want to see it or accept it. As I dealt with this insignificant personal change, that for me had no positive aspect, I began to see things differently. My vision has improved because of the eyeglasses and I now know that personal growth can come from dealing with negative events.

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