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Become A Great Learner

“Rich people are constantly learning and growing. Poor people think that they already know”. (T. Harv Eker)

Which leads me into the topic of sales. I love when people tell me “I don’t like to sell, I am not in sales, I hate sales.” The fact is that we all sell, although maybe at different degrees and in different times in our lives. In my opinion, just being conscious about wanting to learn one small skill set about selling puts you into an elite category of individuals. Let’s face it, when we talk to our kids, spouses, co-workers, bosses and friends we are, at one point or another, all trying to sell our point-of-view. News flash…that is selling.

Why do people hate to sell? What is the number one reason people think that they hate selling? They are objecting to your point of view. WHO’S REALLY OBJECTING?  So let’s look at that…

Think about the reactions you have had in the past to the objections from potential customers and the different emotions that ran though your brain and your body when you realized your offer was not accepted. How capable were you of responding to the customer in a rational, reasonable and logical manner?  Classic studies of communication tell us that when a person is in a heightened emotional state, particularly when it is negative emotion, their intelligence is lowered. In some studies, results show intelligence to be almost 30% below normal when participants are upset.

“The Customer Response…Getting To The Real Truth Behind Every Objection!”

The first response is rarely the full truth. The skill is to be able to move a customer to another level where he or she will provide the real truth. Only then does your opportunity to close the sale become real. Once you have mastered this skill, your results will skyrocket! You will sell more than you ever have, faster and with much less work!   Here is a simple formula to “GET THE TRUTH”:

1. Calibrate the customer response. Is it emotional or intellectual?

2. Acknowledge the objection/emotion. “Thank you for telling me that.” Or, “I understand how you feel or what you mean.”

3. Ask a question based on whether the objection is emotional or intellectual

4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as necessary.

REMEMBER, “EVERY MASTER WAS ONCE A DISASTER.”  You can learn to be great at anything!

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