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Be Bigger than Any Fear


Did you know that presenting in front of a group of people has been known to have a higher level of stress and fear than the thought of death? You may say how is that possible, but have you ever had to stand in front of 20 or 500 people and deliver a speech. It can be overwhelming – some of you know exactly what I am speaking about. For the rest of you I challenge you to stretch yourself and find the ultimate weapon in side of each of you. This is what we know, that if you are willing to learn how to deliver what you are passionate about or what you find to be important and stand in the heat to share your information and knowledge with a group, you will accelerate your creditability and personal confidence by at least five years.

Facing your number one fear is Your Unique Opportunity.

Your wealth, your power and your happiness improves with your ability to communicate and sell. We know this to 100% true.

The most powerful strategy for influencing people, creating behavioral change, and selling products or services of any kind is the ability to stand in front of a group of people and present.

Ask yourself how you feel about speaking in front of a group. What do you think your strong points are in conducting a presentation? Are you willing to be coached?

You may be thinking to yourself right about now, I am great at one on one’s, what is the big deal about getting up in front of people? I was that guy too until I learned some life changing skills that will now be with me forever.

Let me explain, we are all in agreement that the 1st paragraph is pretty accurate. So learning to speak before a group serves several purposes.  You immediately create creditability with your audience because everyone’s number one fear is standing in front of a group, so you create automatic respect, even before you open your month. Once you open your mouth now that is a whole other ball game which we can get into later.

Here is a Big Tip if you are presenting in front of a group, be crystal clear on what you want your outcome to be. Do you want to close the sale right there, gather leads for later follow up, provide information? This is one of the biggest mistakes presenters make. They have no clue on what they want to happen.

Another reason you may want to hone this type of skill – would you rather do 20 one on one’s or one group presentation to 20 people and have them seek you out, believe me it is a nice place to be. Ask yourself this, when you listen to someone that you perceive as an expert, what is the next step you take if you have a need for the presenters product or service? That’s right you seek that person out. Your sales cycle just got shorter by about 70%. Not bad.

There is an actual Formula or System to deliver a powerful presentation that will eliminate your fear of standing in front of the room forever.  I will be laying that formula out in my next blog.  If you would like to discuss any part of what I have written please feel free to contact me. I love speaking about this, it is near and dear to my heart.

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