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A Good Compass

Earlier in the week, everyone in our office got together to hear from the President of the company concerning our group’s performance, our economic outlook and the future of our company. Most of us would agree that the economic times that we have all experienced is new for all of us. I know in our office, we are all trying to run as fast as we can to be better and to just really be as amazing as we can. It was a nice break during the middle of the day to just slow down a bit and see everyone and for us to hear collectively about the state of the company. Looking around the room, one could sense the hard work and the energy that individually everyone was giving off. This is something that is apparent to anyone that ever walks through our facility. We are an organization that is fully engaged.

It was important for us to recognize that we all need to be aligned as a team, and for all of us to know where we are headed. This type of communication helps me on more than one level.  It helps me understand where our priorities are and affords me an ability to embrace the things that are important and where I need to prioritize my energies. Alignment of any organization’s mission, with that of the various departments and with each individual work, is important to make the organization better.

Knowing where you are going is important; knowing which direction you need to go is essential. A good compass compensates for a lot of things. Without it, each of us individually and as a group, would be going off in conflicting directions. However, when an organization is aligned and we are all using the same compass, great things happen. When you have a good compass, regardless of how fast you are running, you always go in the right direction.

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