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What is News Fulfillment?

News Fulfillment

Not bad for the finishing touches for our fulfillment services, right?

We sort of made news fulfillment up …

A lot of what we do here at J.M. Field Fulfillment revolves around fulfillment services. I’ll post pictures later on Facebook to show you exactly what that means, but in short, we package and ship products around the world (in addition to our creative services, too). Warehousing is something that will always be around, but at the same time when business is tied to so many moving parts, you have to stay up to speed on the global business market. So, for our clients, friends and the general reader, each Monday we offer news fulfillment, a space dedicated to the happenings of the world that have an impact. You can follow us on Twitter for these stories and more throughout the week.

A couple quick hits:

AT&T is buying T-Mobile | What would that mean in Florida?
Gas prices forcing consumers to cut back on other spending

Wal-Mart’s presence in Japan

Analysts were concerned that the tsunami in Japan could hurt their overall bottom line, according to a report from Bloomberg Business. Wal-Mart told the online news service that the tsunami will set back efforts to build out its online presence in the battered country.

“Wal-Mart is really focused on building out its online presence in Japan, with online grocery deliver at the forefront of its growth strategy,” Moody’s Senior Analyst Charles O’Shea added. The earthquake and tsunami and their economic aftermath are a setback for that strategy in terms of Wal-Mart Japan, but given the relatively small scale of that business the effect will be “de minimums” for Wal-Mart, he wrote.

Groupon’s 30-year-old visionary the next Zuckerberg?

Groupon spurned Google for an estimated multi-billion dollar payday, has over 70 million subscribers and its newest innovation could send it over the top. “I’m intrigued.”

Of course, there are certain less family friendly territories Groupon will not venture into. Founded in 2005, Thrillist is the kind of place that will, with its strictly 20-30-something demo.

Should J.M. Field Fulfillment use flying cars for fulfillment services?

Planning on flying this summer? Cheap flights will be hard to find. Maybe we should start looking at a hybrid RVs or flying cars.

Happy Birthday Twitter!

Twitter turned five on Monday, relaunched its website and put a video up about it. Enjoy.

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